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Wednesday, 17 August 2011 05:00

Let's Talk: Tell Us What YOU Are Hoping To See On The New Janome Machine



244-hoping-to-see-on-new-janome-machine-lets-talkNew clues keep appearing. Rumors keep flying. But we want to know what you think. You could win a cool prize.

By now you probably know that on September 3rd, we'll be revealing a brand new machine. And you've probably guessed it's a pretty big deal, because you can sign up to see it just minutes after its unveiled to Janome dealers worldwide.

Also on that registration page are visual clues about what the new machine will look like. This has led to a lot of guessing about the new machine's features.

Guessing is fun, but we want to know which features you are hoping are on the new machine. Leave your wish list by using the Comments feature below.

When you leave a comment on this article, you'll be automatically entered in the drawing to win a cool Janome hat and water bottle (a great way to beat the summer heat). The winner will be drawn randomly from all entries.

If you haven't yet registered to see the video of the new machine the day it's released, you can do that here.

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