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Wednesday, 07 September 2011 00:00

Video: Installing A Lap Zipper With The Narrow Base Zipper Foot



228-installing-a-lap-zipper-narrow-base-zipper-foot-videoNo need to fear zippers. Just use this foot and follow these simple steps.

The flexibility of the Narrow Base Zipper Foot makes close sewing easy. By loosening the screw on the back, you can move the foot to either side of the needle, adjusting how close you'd like it to be.

Because it lets you get in close, this foot is handy for a number of technqiues, such as installing pre-strung beads or piping. And, of course, zippers.

How To Install A Lap Zipper

  1. First, sew the seam where you'd like the zipper to be located.
  2. Attach the Zipper Foot to your machine. Loosen the screw and move the foot to the right of the needle then re-tighten.
  3. Choose a straight stitch.
  4. To first attach your zipper, position it teeth-down with the edge of the tape lined up with the seam allowance. Align your project so the needle is in the middle of the zipper tape. Sew all the way down the zipper.
  5. Move the foot to the left side of the needle.
  6. Turn the zipper over and fold the edge of the fabric back to the edge of the teeth. Sew a seam close to the edge of the fold.
  7. Open up your fabric and lay it flat. Move the Zipper Foot to the right side of the needle. And sew a seam close to the zipper teeth.
  8. When you've sewn the length of the zipper, remove the stitching on your original seam and you now have a lap zipper installed.


To see this demonstrated, watch Zipper Foot - Narrow Base (High Shank) Video: Installing A Lap Zipper.

This demonstration is with the high shank version of this foot. If you have a low shank model, you can use Zipper Foot-Narrow Base (low shank machines). Ask your Janome Dealer about which version works with your machine. 

Watch How To Install A Lap Zipper

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