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Tuesday, 26 July 2011 05:00

Video: Embroidery Placement With A Printed Template On The Clothsetter Table 11000



204-emb-placement-printed-template-clothsetter-table-11k-videoUse a printed template with the Clothsetter Table 11000 to place multiple designs with perfect accuracy.

Your Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition has extremely precise embroidery stitching. Using a printed template with your Clothsetter Table 11000 helps you place that embroidery with the highest accuracy.

Also, using a printed template helps you better visualize how your design will fit on your project. And it allows you to easily create layouts using more than one hooping.

Note: Before you do any embroidery with your Clothsetter Table, be sure it's calibrated. See the calibration video for easy instructions.

Using A Printed Template To Place Your Embroidery Design

  1. Print your design template. (Janome software has several tools for creating printed templates.)
  2. Set your template on a cutting surface. Using an awl, make holes on each of the four lines and at the tip of the arrow.
  3. Lay your template on your project. Once it's aligned the way you'd like, take a fabric marking pen and make a dot on your project in each of the holes.
  4. Remove the template and with a ruler draw lines between the dots in a cross pattern. Mark the arrow at the top.
  5. Attach your embroidery hoop to the Clothsetter table, loosening the screw and removing the inner hoop.
  6. Set a sheet of stabilizer on the hoop and then your project.
  7. Align it so that it's exactly under the cross-hairs with the arrows pointing the same way.
  8. Lift the arm and set the inner hoop in place.
  9. As you press it down, be sure your project does not move out of alignment.
  10. Tighten the screw to hold your project in place.
  11. Now remove the whole hoop from the Clothsetter Table and attach it to your Memory Craft 11000.
  12. To ensure that it's exactly in place, you can use the handwheel to lower the needle.
  13. Press Start to begin embroidery stitching, following the machine's directions for changing thread color.
  14. Once embroidery is complete you can remove the markings and excess stabilizer according to directions.


To see this demonstrated watch Clothsetter Table 11000 Video: Embroidery Placement With Template.

Find out more about the Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition sewing, quilting and embroidery machine. Find out more about the Clothsetter 11000 Table.

Watch The Printed Template Placement Video

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