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Tuesday, 17 May 2011 05:00

Video: Creating An Eyelash Fringe With The Fringe Foot



174-creating-eyelash-fringe-foot-videoThis accent is easy to learn and lots of fun.

If you look closely at the Fringe Foot, you'll see that it has a metal flange running right down the middle. When the needle swings back and forth over this flange, it creates an evenly spaced loop, making it possible to create decorative effects like eyelash fringe (which we'll describe below) and fagoting.

Fagoting is when you join two pieces of fabric with a decorative stitch, leaving a small space between them. This is often seen on vintage items.

Creating eyelash fringe with the Fringe Foot is easy. You simply sew so that the left penetration of your needle is where you want your line of fringe to form. Then when you've finished stitching, you snip the threads very close to the right penetration of the needle to free the fringe.

It's easy, but we recommend watching our brief tutorial Fringe Foot Video: Creating An Eyelash Fringe. And, as with any new technique, be sure to make a few practice lines of fringe before you try it on a project.

This video demo was done on the Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition sewing and embroidery machine. It uses the Fringe Foot (high shank machines).

Other versions include Fringe Foot (front loading machines) and Fringe Foot (top loading machines). See your local Janome Dealer for the right one for your machine.

Watch Video On How To Make Fringe

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