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Thursday, 28 April 2011 05:00

Meet Our First Sewn With Love Contributor: Rebecca



163-swl-rebeccaAdorable matching outfits at a very cute price.

Rebecca lives on a small farm in rural Pennsylvania with her four children and husband Matt. Using her beautiful photography, she blogs about cooking, canning, and making things for yourself.

She shares how she sewed her whole family coordinating Easter accessories for just $5... wow!

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163-swl-rebecca-mash-upRebecca says, "I love a little matchy-matchy in my life: not the corny everyone-wears-feedsacks kindof matchy matchy but the everyone matches while being stylishly unique kinda matchy matchy. I also love CHEAP fabric sources to make that possible."

She says that one place she always looks is the Home clearance sections of stores. She finds wonderful, large pieces of fabric there in the form of sheets, shower curtains and tablecloths.

"For this project," Rebecca says, "I got two shower curtains at Target on clearance for $2.47 each and decided I would use those to make each of my children something coordinated for Easter. One was plaid and one was white eyelet so I made my big girl's dress from the white eyelet and added a plaid bow. My little girlie got a plaid bubble dress with a white bow. My boy got himself a cummerbund and bowtie and my husband even got a matching tie."

And all for 5 bucks!

Read more about Rebecca's projects at her blog Renaissance.

Thanks, Rebecca, for sharing your Sewn With Love story!

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